What is Golf Fitness Training?


There is no question that golf fitness can and will improve your golf game. Tiger Woods most famously made golf fitness relevant when he attributed his golf swing speed and power to his workouts in the gym. Nevertheless golf fitness should not be mistakened for golf swing technique training – these are two-sides of the same coin and should be addressed individually in order to complete your golf game. That being said golf fitness is relevant for everyone at any stage of their golf training.


And golf workouts in the gym are not just exercises to improve golf, but they serve to prevent injuries. Just ask golf pro Jason Day what he does during his off-season – he was sick and tired of always getting injured so he used the gym and nutrition to train his body to better handle the stresses and strains related to playing golf. Gym workouts for golfers help create muscular balances throughout your body: the primary muscles used in the golf swing become stronger while the secondary muscles are also trained to be able to add strength and support to those primary movers. The golfers’ endurance both physical and mental will also improve because her body will be able to swing harder and longer with less recovery time in-between swings.


Exercises to Help Golf Swing


tiger-at-gym Play Better Golf: 10 Top Golf Fitness Training Tips

Creating muscle balance in the golfer usually means we need to improve the lack of internal hip rotation and external shoulder rotation in order to promote a fluid and smooth swing. Therefore, many of the golf fitness exercises we perform in the gym are corrective exercises in nature. Corrective exercises DO NOT require heavy weights and is not designed to grow large, bulky muscles. In fact, these exercises must be performed in a slow, controlled manner for high repetitions where form is everything! Aim for 15-20 repetitions, for 3 sets, 2-3 times a week!


  • Cable woodchop (low to high)

WATCH HERE for Cable Woodchop


This is one of my favorites exercises for golf fitness because it follows the motion of a golfer’s swing. This exercise builds strength and mobility in the core, shoulders, and back.


-back foot pivots just like in your golf swing

-arms in locked-out position

-begin in golf posture

-slow and controlled movement with medium weight to focus on core strength and stability and golf swing power; fast and explosive as possible with light weight to increase golf swing speed and power


  • Glute Bridge (elevated)  

WATCH HERE for Glute Bridge


The glute bridge exercise can be performed anywhere with feet on the floor or feet on top of something elevated for added challenge. Therefore, this is a great body weight workout you can do at home, in the office, or while traveling. The benefits of this exercise are many:

-increase glute strength

-improves hip extension which will give you more power and speed on your golf swing

-improve mechanics of your spine, pelvis, femur, knees, ankles and feet


-flex your abs hard at the top to work them out more

-if you want to make it more challenging, do not let your hips touch the floor


  • Side plank with cable row

WATCH HERE for Side Plank with Cable Row


The side plank with cable row will make you a stronger golfer because it strengthens your entire core especially your obliques. A strong and fast golf swing involves a very explosive torso rotation which depends on core strength. The side plank does require total body control and good coordination – the pose can be performed on its own without using a cable. This is another great body weight, core exercise that can strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back without the need or access to gym equipment.


-keep constant tension in your abs by pulling your belly button inwards the whole time

-keep hips elevated, do not let them sag!


  • Swissball dumbbell twist

WATCH HERE for Swissball dumbbell Twist


The swissball dumbbell twist is an exercise that will improve your golf swing speed and power by strengthening your entire core, especially the obliques, while training your mind and body to perform an explosive and forceful torso rotation.


-start off in slow motion – slow and controlled to get the form down

-after you are properly warmed up, you can twist explosively


  • Hip Internal Rotations with Band

WATCH HERE for Hip Internal Rotations with Band


This movement will improve your internal hip rotation and mobility thus improving your golf swing. The exercise must be performed carefully in a slow, controlled manner since muscles involved with hip internal rotation can be easily strained.


-keep the reps high – at least 15 reps each side

-DO NOT strain too hard with this exercise – gradually build up resistance and explosiveness


  • Anti-Rotation Cable Walk

WATCH HERE For Anti-Rotation Cable Walk


This exercise trains you to stabilize your core as you move laterally. The cable pulls you in one direction (rotation) while your core fights against it in order to keep your shoulders, torso, and hips all pointing forward. This anti-rotation exercise will help improve your trunk rotation which will increase your golf swing speed and power.


-keep your hips and center of gravity low

-keep arms straight for extra challenge

-take small steps – move laterally at least 8 feet


Tiger-jacked-1024x576 Play Better Golf: 10 Top Golf Fitness Training Tips

  • Sword Draws

WATCH HERE for Sword Draws


This is a shoulder external rotation exercise important for golf because of the amount of force placed on the shoulders during the up and down swing. You will become a better golfer with this golf exercise because it enables you to generate more force through the shoulders while maintaining proper golf posture.


-use light weights and go for high repetitions (at least 10 reps)

-each repetition must be done in a slow, controlled manner

Nutrition for Golf


Can your diet and nutrition improve your golf game? Ask any professional athlete how a carefully designed diet and nutrition program has given them a competitive edge by enhancing muscle quality, recovery, mental clarity, and physical/mental endurance. The sport of golf demands peak physical and mental functioning which is definitely optimized by good eating habits and proper nutrition – this also ensures a longer lasting career for the pro golfer.


So how should I eat to improve my golf? Focus on the Five Factors for Super Nutrition:


  1. Low calorie diet, high nutrient density – avoid processed foods
  2. Eat low GI foods to maintain healthy and stable blood sugar levels
  3. Increase antioxidants to improve cellular health which increases vitality and recovery
  4. Eat the good fats in the right amount – focus on omega-3s from fish, avocados, coconut, olives, eggs, nuts, and seeds
  5. Stay well-hydrated! Golfers hit 12% shorter and 93% less accurately when mildly dehydrated


Next time you hit the golf course, follow this plan from start to finish:


Start your morning with a superfood smoothie ie. 1 scoop protein powder, spinach, avocado, apple, cucumber. You do not want heavy foods in your stomach while playing golf: digestion will negatively affect your performance because too much blood and metabolic activity will be devoted to digestion and not peak golf performance. Throughout the rounds of golf, you must focus on easily-digestible, low-glycemic foods such as seeds and nuts, protein bars with less than 9 net carbs, apples, whole wheat crackers with almond butter, greek yogurt, baby carrots and other vegetables, Eating like this will maximize your golf performance which translates to better golf swing speed, power, and accuracy as well as increasing your endurance.


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