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located at 35 S. Van Brunt St, Englewood New Jersey

    *Gym Membership and Personal Training affordable monthly plans, no contracts, no hidden fees
    *In-home training options available serving New Jersey (Bergen and Hudson counties) and New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens)
    *Nutritional Guidance included

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     Personal Training

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    NBI Fitness is the leading nationwide provider of in-person, remote and hybrid personal training and wellness programs for private and corporate clients. Our trainers are fully insured, certified and vetted to deliver efficient fitness solutions that customized exactly to your needs. Our mission is simple: to help clients get healthier, realize their greatness and improve performance at work and in life.


    We can work with you at Champion Gym (Englewood partner gym) or at a location of your choice: local private studio, in-home/apartment gym, corporate office, outdoors and virtual. We produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time utilizing science-based exercise techniques combined with diet/nutritional guidance.


    Do you need motivation? NBI Fitness will connect you with the right Certified Personal Trainer to help push you (safely) to your physical and mental limits, to hold you accountable to your program and your diet, and to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

    Do you need accountability? Our Certified Trainers will monitor you on a daily basis and track your success using quantifiable methods so that there’s no guess work.

    Do you need expert guidance? All of our Trainers are the best at what they do and are screened for the highest level of quality and integrity – as our valued client you will have access to the entire NBI Fitness Team who will constantly support you on your road to success!


    NBI Fitness Personal Training operates in the following areas: Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties (New Jersey), Santa Clara, Alameda, Orange and Sacramento Counties (California), the Bronx and Brooklyn (New York), Chicago, Austin (Texas), Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia) and Las Vegas. We are an innovative and diverse team of Certified Fitness Professionals who specialize in personal training in home, outdoors, and online. We are constantly growing and expanding across the nation: if your city is not listed here please contact us directly so we can help connect you with a local trainer within our network.

    Meet Our Trainers

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    Co-Founder and Fitness Professional :

    As a former Stanford University Athlete, Gilbert has extensive training in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Marathon Running, Cycling and Rowing.

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    Trinh is a Certified Fitness trainer, Yoga/Pilates instructor and Registered Nurse. She specializes in women’s fitness for weight loss, muscle toning, bodybuilding/powerlifting and pole dancing. She is a National Bikini Champion having won 1st Place in three divisions at the 2022 IFBB Pro/NPC Tahoe Show.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Diego is an undefeated Professional Boxer and MMA fighter from the Dominican Republic. He is also a Pan American Taekwondo World Champion. He has over 13+ years teaching Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Devin is a Certified Personal Trainer and has a BA in Psychology. He has been a Black Belt Karate Instructor for 10+ years teaching forms, fighting, self-defense and weaponry.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Ambar is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, NPC Bikini Competition Champion, and Professional Dancer specializing in Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, and much more. She has extensive experience coaching cheerleading and running after school programs for children.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Tatiana is an award-winning NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini Competition Champion, Fitness Trainer and Bodybuilder. She is also a Bikini/Fitness competition coach and has helped all types of clients become stage ready. She specializes in Weight Training for Muscle Toning and Fat Loss/Body Re-composition.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Felipe is a competitive Bodybuilder, Certified Fitness Trainer, and a Physical Therapy Technician. He specializes in Bodybuilding, Athletic/Sports Performance, Weight Management, and Injury Rehab.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Lauren is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Award-winning National Physique Competition Champion. She has 1000+ hours of professional experience training clients for Body Fat Loss, Body Recomposition, and Muscle Toning with a perfect safety record involving zero injuries or incidents. She focuses on utilizing Weight Training and Fitness Nutrition concepts to achieve maximum Body Fat Reduction and Muscle Sculpting.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Alberto is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Certified Personal Trainer. He is an instructor for Boxing, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – his workouts combine elements from these sports with High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training. He has over 2000+ cumulative hours of martial arts personal training without incident or injury.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Daniel is an International Sports Science Association & NCCPA Certified Personal Trainer as well as ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. He earned a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois where he specialized in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy. During this service in the Korean Army Daniel was responsible for training the soldiers in his Battalion to maintain and increase physical strength levels. He is also a competitive Bodybuilder.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Alma is an accomplished Group Instructor for Boxing, Kickboxing and Cardio/Boot Camp style training. She is also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with a diverse range of clientele. She loves to share good energy and motivation to other people who need the extra push to achieve their goals.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Pia is an accomplished National Physique Committee Champion in the Bikini division. Her fitness interests and expertise include Strength Training, High Intensity Interval training, Cross Country running, and Kickboxing. In addition to preparing for her next fitness shows, Pia enjoys helping her clients develop discipline and consistency in their fitness journeys.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Mel is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Trainer and earned his Certificate in Nutrition from Cornell University. He has 10+ years experience in Powerlifting/weight training, Running, Boxing/Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He specializes in Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance, Core/Balance/Mobility Training for Sports, and Speed, Strength and Agility training for Athletes.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Fatima is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. She is a US Army Sergeant and has trained US Army soldiers to maintain a high level of physical readiness. She holds a BS in Exercise Science – Pre Clinical Studies and specializes in Weight Loss, HIIT, Bodybuilding, and Strength & Conditioning. She competes in the Fitness Division for the WBFF.

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    Fitness Professional :

    Angelica is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist from Colombia. She has numerous Certifications and Degrees in Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition, Group Training, and Sport Performance Training. Health and Wellness has been her life long passion and she has accumulated 1000s of hours of professional experience training all types of clients. She is fluent in Spanish.

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    My name is Gilbert Hwang and I am with NBI Fitness. Our Team of Elite Personal Trainers will work with you at a location of your choice: nearby private studio, in-home/apartment gym, corporate office, outdoors or virtual. Contact us today to find out exactly how NBI Fitness is the right fit for you!

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