Who Needs Personal Training?


Is Personal Training for you? Are you trying to lose 10 pounds and haven’t succeeded? Everybody needs help to lose weight fast, especially with creating an intense exercise program or home or gym workout regimen that actually causes you to reduce body fat, build muscle, and get the toned body that you want. A fitness trainer is suppose to help you lose weight naturally and quickly. In health and fitness, personal training is all about accountability and sticking to an effective diet and exercise program: you are relying on a personal trainer to make sure you stay on track and do all the things you need to do to reach your fitness goals. The most successful clients at NBI Fitness have discipline, are consistent, and follow directions well. There are no shortcuts in fitness training: be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and start sweating. Nothing comes easy or else everyone would be in shape without effort!


NBI Fitness and its fitness professionals have trained 1000s of clients from all walks of life. We have seen almost every body type, injury, age, precondition, and experience level. Many of our clients have faced impossible odds yet have surpassed every expectation. Here are some of their stories:


New York Road Runner Sally

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I met Sally through a service called Thumbtack which allows locals to find personal trainers near them. I was new to Thumbtack and was a bit skeptical at first – over time I have come to realize that Thumbtack in New Jersey and New York is quite popular. Sally is from Paramus and works in Manhattan doing Real Estate. She came to NBI Fitness to try to lose weight in preparation for her vacation in 2 months to the Bahamas and she needed to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. She was different because she also had a special focus to train for the local 5K races and 10K races in the New Jersey and New York area with the New York Road Runners. She wanted weight loss to be a result of her running training. So we customized an exercise program that focused mainly on developing her running strength and endurance. We also recommended our low calorie diet plan which she was able to adopt very quickly.


Our first workout together was mostly a fitness assessment to test her abilities in all the major exercise movements. Most of her body fat was distributed in her abs and lower body and her starting weight was 165.8. She could barely do 10 body squats without breaking form and she could run for less than 4 minutes non-stop. She trained with us twice a week at 6 am and she signed up for a New York Road Runners race every weekend to keep her moving. After two months, her weight was down to 131.6 so she lost 34.2 lbs total training with us for 16 sessions. She was also able to do over 200 body squats over the course of one session and she could run non-stop for over 30 minutes at a good pace.


Sally was successful because she set exercise as a priority, never missed a workout, and scheduled 5K and 10K races every weekend to keep her honest. She also maintained a strict fast weight loss diet plan and rarely had any cheat meals. By racing on the weekends, focusing on diet and nutrition, and prioritizing her fat loss program, Sally made health and fitness a new lifestyle and it worked!


Nail Salon Eunice


I met Eunice a year ago while I was working at Club Metro in Fort Lee. She has been my client ever since and she has made a huge transformation in such a short period of time. She is Korean and in her 30s and like many of my clients who are trying to tone up, she needed to build a lot of muscle and burn fat. She was initially scared of the idea of building muscle because she was afraid to “bulk” up; I explained to her that she WILL NOT “bulk” up because every pound of muscle gain that replaces each pound of fat loss will make her appear more toned, more lean, and slimmer body. She is 5’2’’ and her starting weight was 121. She never exercised before and doing squats and pushups were completely new and scary for her. She owns and operates a very successful beauty salon in Palisades Park, New Jersey where she does nail, hair, makeup, eyelash, pedicure/manicures, and everything else. She trained with me every morning at 6 am 3 times a week and never missed a session. We gave her a weight loss diet menu and made daily food habit adjustments, but we were flexible enough to allow her to eat some of the things she wanted (fruits) as long as she continued to shed weight fast and make good progress.


After 6 months, her weight dropped down and stayed around 105 and she had visibly toned body with muscle definition showing. No more sagging areas on her body! At her weight of 105, she just needed to maintain since her body weight target was reached. At that point she had the option of entering what is called a “maintenance” phase or our sustainable weight management program where the client trains just enough to keep what she has built. But Eunice was more ambitious and wanted to get stronger, fitter, and healthier so we kept on pushing her by increasing the difficulty and type of workouts she must do. She has told us that despite her job being labor intensive since she does nails, eyelash extensions, manicure, and pedicure all day, the fitness training has helped give her more lasting daytime energy.


Eunice was successful because she stayed consistent by never missing a workout and never saying NO to any exercise we throw at her! As a beauty salon owner and operator, she was motivated to look good and to be a role model for all her nail salon clients. She has been a good influence on her Palisades Park beauty salon customers and friends by bringing them into the gym to train with her! It’s always a good idea to train with friends and associates as it provides an extra push.


College Student James

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I met James at Club Metro in Fort Lee during the summer before his first year in college; he was aspiring to become a biologist. James wanted to lose weight and had no experience with weight training or any type of exercise program; not only did he want to lose weight but he also wanted to increase his muscle size, strength, and endurance in order to improve his general athleticism. He was 5’10 and his starting weight was 205. He was a teenager, 17 years old, and Korean. I mention that he is Korean because he reminded me very much of myself when I was a teenager! He was an introverted teenager and did not talk much, but he followed instruction very well! The first few months started off very slowly – he lacked all the basic strength, endurance, and coordination to exercise properly. But he never missed a workout! He trained with me 3 times a week for about 3 months after which he weighed 164 lbs and lost 41 lbs! Consistency pays off always!


James was successful because he never missed a workout, always kept asking what he can do to lose weight and burn the fat off certain areas, and subsequently listened to our instructions. Because he was such a great listener, it was easy to help him follow our healthy weight loss diet plans; it also helped that he was not a picky eater so eating for weight loss and toning up was not too much of a sacrifice. He always submitted screenshots of his food logs to us every night via myFitnesspal and when he could not log his food, he would at least send us photos of everything that he ate. He was an honest kid and I believe he never cheated on his meals!


Single Mom Rachel


I met Rachel while I was a personal trainer at Club Metro in Fort Lee. She had recently divorced and she was a single mother with one child. She said she wanted to lose weight fast because she was losing weight for a vacation to Seoul, Korea in 3 months. She was 5’ and her starting weight was 125 lbs. She was a very successful entrepreneur in Palisades Park, New Jersey selling cosmetics, makeup, hair products and many other beauty products from Korea. Her cosmetics store in Palisades Park caters to the local Korean community especially. Being a single mother, she would bring her child to the gym daycare center while she was training. She trained twice a week with me and after 3 months she lost 21 pounds and weighed 104 lbs! What was most exciting about training Rachel was that she HATED to exercise at first but then came to LOVE exercise and she became more enthusiastic and grateful after each workout! It also motivated her even more when she experienced her body transforming to the point where she was working out on her own whenever she could find time! She was so motivated she started teaching her child how to eat and exercise properly! Rachel’s transformation was especially inspiring because of this.


I have noticed that recently divorced clients and single mothers tend to have very fierce personalities and are intensely focused and driven. Difficult life events and obstacles have different effects on people: some people wilt and others push back even harder. Rachel was the type of person who made herself stronger in order rise out of the adversity every day! If you are getting past a divorce or are a single mother, be inspired by her commitment and hard work!


Cancer Survivor Teresa

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I met Teresa while I was the head personal trainer at Club Metro in Fort Lee. She was retired, in her mid 60’s, and she wanted to lose weight and build muscle during her post cancer recovery.  She survived cancer and chemotherapy and shortly after she joined the gym and started fitness training with me as we started off with corrective and rehabilitative exercises. She already had a very active lifestyle and I knew she was going to lose weight and build muscle very quickly despite your condition : she gets up early in the morning to mow the lawn, fix up her garden, and to shovel snow in the winter time which she enjoys. I was extremely impressed by her commitment to exercise: she never missed a workout and she definitely gave it over 100% effort during our high intensity interval training exercises. In fact there were times when I had to tell her to calm down and take a break!


If you are a cancer patient going through treatment or recovery, the American Cancer Society suggests that exercise is the best thing for you. It keeps you physically moving which is important for all your vital organs and muscles to stay functioning. It also keeps your body stimulated to improve blood flow thus reducing the risk of blood clots. If your cancer has spread to your bones or you have osteoporosis/arthritis, a proper and safe exercise program can help strengthen your bones and muscles thus supporting your bodily movement, mobility, balance, and coordination.


Teresa represents what is possible for the elderly community and for those who are recovering from cancer and other diseases. She is young at heart, consistently showed up to the gym, and she made her health and fitness the number one priority in her life. She made exercise and the gym a healthy habit and lifestyle by never missing a workout and doing more cardio after our personal training sessions.


Start Exercising and Dieting with NBI FITNESS TODAY!

Our personal training methods and diet/nutrition work will be customized based on your specifications, but the expectations we have for our clients are all the same: we expect you to give us 110% of your abilities during the workouts and to be 110% honest with us everyday about your diet. And we hope that you expect us to always give you our full attention and dedicated effort each and every time we train. You are welcome to contact us at 201.970.5533 or contact us online for a free fitness consultation and a free personal training session. Every day is a chance for you to make a difference in your life! Take the first step forward!

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