Are you trying to lose weight and do you live in Englewood, New Jersey? In this blog we will explore every possible way to lose weight available including personal training in Englewood, gym memberships, places to workout and stay active, diet and nutrition centers, and even liposuction, tummy tucks, and other weight loss surgical options nearby. The personal trainers at NBI Fitness are based in Englewood and in this region we have vast experience training clients with a diversity of needs for weight loss and building muscle. That being said, we are familiar with the weight loss resources available in the area based on our experiences working as Englewood personal trainers.


Englewood Personal Training


Whether you are new to any exercise program or you are a professional athlete, you WILL benefit from the right Englewood personal trainer because your exercise program will be strict, regimented, supervised, and designed to help you reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals efficiently. Personal training, also called fitness training, in Englewood serves a population of under 30000 residents and here is what we found:


NBI_fitness_png 5 Ways to Lose Weight: Personal Training in Englewood


NBI Fitness LLC Englewood Personal Trainers


NBI Fitness is located at 75 Sterling Blvd in Englewood directly off of route 4 across from The Gym. They are an appointment-only private personal training company with certified male and female trainers available for both gym and in-home training. NBI Fitness also has gym training locations in Fort Lee, Ridgefield, Edgewater, Paramus, and Hackensack in order to service local clients near those areas. They have Korean personal trainers which is a plus for the surrounding korean-speaking community. NBI Fitness Englewood personal trainers help their clients lose weight, build muscle, and get healthy through customized, individual exercise plans and daily diet, nutrition, health and wellness coaching. The exercise programs consist of workouts using resistance training (weight training) and body weight exercises inspired by the latest exercise science research as well as traditional bodybuilding, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, pilates, military, and professional athletic strength and conditioning. The NBI Fitness diet and nutrition support program is included with the personal training sessions and it is the most important aspect of any training program because everybody has the most trouble controlling how they eat. They offer many different types of personal training programs such as one-on-one, semi-private, small group, boot camp classes, and yoga; prices depend on length of commitment and type of program. Out of all the personal trainers in Englewood, NBI Fitness offers the most affordable and reasonable rates, they are the most flexible in terms of scheduling appointments for their clients, and their diet and nutrition plan is the most effective. Call or text 2019705533 to schedule an appointment for free personal training session and free fitness consultation.


Kaeos Fitness


Kaeos Fitness is located at 106 Grand Avenue in Englewood very close to downtown Englewood. They have been around since 2006 and their gym facility has enough equipment to train and satisfy very advanced weight lifters and athletes. They customize each exercise program using a unique blend of methodologies taken from powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic weight-lifting. Kaeos Fitness has a variety of certified trainers with different personalities and training methods.


Glenpointe Spa and Fitness


Glenpointe Spa and Fitness is located at 200 Frank W Burr Blvd in Teaneck near the Teaneck Marriott Hotel at Glenpointe. This is a high end gym with a indoor pool, locker rooms/showers, state of the art equipment, group exercises classes, and personal training. The indoor pool here is very luxurious and popular.


Gyms near Englewood


The Gym


The Gym is located at 20 Nordhoff Place in Englewood across from the Brownstone apartments and nearby the Vivian, the M, and Windsor apartments. They are a full-service gym complete with personal training, spa, day care, cafe, spinning classes, pilates reformer classes, juice bar, and physical therapy. This is a great gym to go to especially if you are looking for a gym membership in Englewood to workout on your own or to take exercise group classes.\24fitness 5 Ways to Lose Weight: Personal Training in Englewood


24 Hour Fitness Englewood Cliffs


24 Hour Fitness is located at 150 Sylvan Ave in Englewood Cliffs next to Mr BBQ Korean Restaurant and the Ferrari Dealership. For a gym membership near Englewood this is the best option because it has everything you need equipment-wise on top of being a low price gym membership. They also have an indoor pool, day care, full snack bar, showers/locker rooms, and a variety of group classes.


New York Sports Club


New York Sports Club is located at 34-36 South Dean Street in Englewood. This gym has similar equipment and amenities (minus the pool) as 24 Hour Fitness as it is a large franchise gym. Gym membership cost at New York Sports Club Englewood is also comparable to 24 Hour Fitness Englewood Cliffs. If you are looking for a personal trainer in or near Englewood, they provide in-house trainers as well.


Parks and Recreation near Englewood

Overpeck County Park


Overpeck County park is located at 40 Fort Lee Rd in Leonia near Englewood. It contains the Palisades Park Sportsplex, the Bergen Equestrian Center, athletic fields and all-weather running tracks, fishing, kayak/canoeing, and 5 miles of jogging trails. Our favorite feature of the Overpeck County Park is the running trail loop that covers the entire perimeter of the open fields at the Ridgefield Park area.


Willis Park  


Willis Park is located at 760 Grand Ave in Ridgefield near Englewood. It is an outdoor, all weather track with turf grass for soccer and football. The best part about this park is it is not too busy. As a personal trainer in Englewood, I have personally taken clients to this track and we have been extremely productive here.


Weight Loss Centers near Englewood


Jenny Craig


Jenny Craig is located at 106 Grand Avenue in Englewood. After signing up for their services, you will get access to a personal weight loss consultant and a diet plan menu which consists of over 100 menu items. They often have great promotions where you are guaranteed to lose weight or your money back (after cost of food). An interesting note is that their diet plans require you to eat 5 times a day which may seem like a lot for most but that is the proper, more efficient way to eat to lose weight.


Cosmetic Surgeons near Englewood


Dr. D’Amico MD, FACS is an Englewood plastic surgeon located at 180 N Dean St, #3N near downtown Englewood. Cosmetic Surgery is the way to go as a last resort when nothing else works. Before you choose this route, you should consult with an Englewood personal trainer such as NBI Fitness and try to lose weight the healthy and natural way. There is no amount of surgery that can improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular and joint strength, your sense of accomplishment, and the self-confidence that arises from experiencing progress due to your own hard work. Let’s explore the 5 different body contouring procedures offered by board-certified surgeon Dr. D’Amico:



This is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that is appealing for those who do not wish to “go under the knife.” There are many advantages: no pain, targeted fat loss, no recovery period post surgery, and no anesthesia. This is recommended for small areas of fat in the belly, hips, and back to be removed; large areas of fat removal require a more invasive surgical procedure. It works by cooling subcutaneous fat cells in the targeted area, destroying them, and allowing the body to naturally cleanse them away in one hour. Fat cells do not grow back so this is a permanent solution although weight gain can occur since the remaining fat cells can enlarge.




This is an invasive surgical procedure that can remove fat in targeted areas especially stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. When there is excessive loose skin a tummy tuck is recommended together with the liposuction. Liposuction works by washing the fat area in a tumescent solution, cutting an incision in the skin and inserting a cannula tube, and suctioning the fat out of the targeted area.


Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


The purpose of the Tummy Tuck is to help you get a younger, flatter, and firmer waistline. The ideal candidate for the Tummy Tuck should have sagging skin and abdominal muscle; it is highly recommended to lose as much weight as possible through diet and exercise before tightening the waistline through this weight loss surgical procedure. An incision is made near the creases formed by the belly button and another incision is made by the hip bone and excess skin and fat is removed and then abdominal muscles are repaired and tightened.  Post-operative recovery requires around 2 weeks rest before returning to work, and 4-8 weeks rest before returning to heavy exercise.




The HydraSolve is a gentler version of Liposuction which uses low-pressure water to liquefy fat before its removal from the body. HydraSolve is less invasive than Liposuction so its recovery time is faster and the post-operative pain is more manageable.



This procedure is similar to liposuction but uses a laser to liquefy fat before its removal from the body. The recovery time is quicker than traditional liposuction where one can return to work and exercise after a week.


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