Fort Lee Personal Training and Gyms

Do you live in Fort Lee, New Jersey and want to start going to the gym and working out?  The closest gym near Fort Lee is the 24 Hour Fitness in Englewood Cliffs (< 2 miles) and Hasbrouck Heights (< 5 miles), Snap Fitness in Ridgefield (< 2 miles), Fitness Factory in Palisades Park (< 2 miles), World Gym in Fairview (< 3 miles), The Gym (< 2 miles) and New York Sports Club (< 3 miles) in Englewood, UFC Gym (< 4 miles) and Can Do Fitness (< 4 miles) in Edgewater, and Hackensack Wellness and Fitness Center (< 6 miles) in Hackensack; all these gyms require memberships I should note. The best private trainer studio in Fort Lee is definitely the VIP Fitness Center and VIP Group Fitness Center on Lemoine Avenue. Also, many of the luxury condos in Fort Lee have awesome gyms; the Modern has the best gym I have seen so far inside a high-rise building. I have included a discussion and review of each of these gyms in a separate blog.

Tip #1: Commit 100% to Your Health and Fitness  – Make Your Mind and Body a Priority!

Why Personal Training?

ccYou’re not getting any younger – save your time and money and hire a Fitness Professional (read: an EXPERT personal trainer, not just any trainer) whose job it is to make you do the things you did not want to do on your own.

Everybody has their excuses: no time, no energy, no money, etc. No time? If it’s done right(assuming you keep a clean diet), you just need to workout for thirty minutes, three times a week, for a total of an hour and half a week to see results. Everybody has at least an hour and a half hour a week. No energy? Consider working out in the morning before you go to work or school; you could also train at lunchtime or when you get home at the end of the day. Again, setting aside thirty minutes is reasonable. No money? Personal Training, ESPECIALLY Fort Lee personal training, is not cheap, and it should not be IF you hire the right trainer and get the results you set out for. You are investing in yourself, your health both physical and mental since a healthy body supports a healthy mind and vice-versa. See what’s out there and do some shopping – not every great trainer charges an arm and a leg. Plus, when you begin to eat clean, you will save money from all the junk you are abstaining from and from preparing healthy meals at home instead of eating out – you could apply those savings to your training without having to incur extra expenses. So what should you ask yourself before you pursue Fort Lee personal training?

Tip #2: Create a Timeline and Set Goal Milestones 

4 Best Pre-Hiring Considerations for Fort Lee Personal Training

  • WHAT ARE MY GOALS? Do I want to lose weight or gain muscle, or both?
  • HOW MUCH DO I VALUE MY HEALTH AND FITNESS? Exercise is one of those things you need to do but not necessarily want to do. It is not only vital towards survival, but can improve well-being and quality of life. And just like any practice, exercise requires discipline, commitment, and sacrifice daily. Not just exercise, but clean eating is the other side of the same Health and Fitness coin; exercise and a good diet must be practiced together and valued equally. Are you ready to take command of your exercise and diet? How far am I willing to travel to my trainer’s gym or do I want to train in-home at my apartment gym?
  • HOW MUCH TIME AND MONEY DO I HAVE? Set a realistic deadline to reach your goal ie. in 3 months, I will lose 20 pounds. Evaluate your discretionary income and evaluate what you are willing to spend to achieve that goal in that timeframe. Go in all or nothing. Remember: you do not need a trainer forever. Learn all the correct forms and techniques while you can so you can apply them when working out on your own.

Tip #3: Look for a Gym and/or a Trainer

Should I go to a gym and hire a trainer or seek an independent trainer?

There are two types of personal trainers: a trainer who is an employee of a gym or an independent personal trainer who comes to your home or trains you at a private personal training studio. My company NBI Fitness consists of independent trainers which gives us much more freedom over all aspects of training: program design, scheduling, pricing, etc. Consider this: you might be better off hiring an independent trainer. Hiring a trainer at a gym has the added cost of you having to pay for a gym membership. Personal training sessions cost $110-$160 per hour at Equinox gym, $100-$155 per hour at Crunch gym, and $60-$100 at Lifetime. Fort Lee personal training can get expensive, but independent personal trainers such as NBI Fitness can be much more affordable because you don’t have to pay for a gym membership, we don’t need to split profits with a gym, we set our own prices so there is room to negotiate unlike at a gym where prices are set in stone, and our policies are extremely flexible especially with scheduling sessions. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most independent personal trainers are willing to work with you based on what you need.  

Tip #4: Show up to Your Workouts! 

4 Top Characteristics of your Best Personal Trainer

  • KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. Your trainer must know what he’s doing and must know first-hand that the techniques actually work both through his own practice of them and the training of others. Everyone is different so a skillful trainer must be able to properly assess his client, utilize an effective teaching approach, and execute a carefully designed workout plan that fits the client’s specific needs. Make sure the trainer is certified and insured.
  • PROVEN WORK ETHICS. What good is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer who does not even show up, is late all the time, or does not have any satisfied clientele? Ask for references or go to the trainer’s website to read client testimonials to get a sense of the trainer’s personality, track record, and clientele satisfaction. The trainer can have the best credentials in the world, but they are meaningless if he cannot actually produce results and change lives. If the trainer repeatedly shows up late, is absent, or shows any signs of laziness (playing on phone, ignoring form, talking constantly about unrelated things, sitting down), then it may not be worth continuing with this trainer no matter how smart or awesome the trainer makes himself appear to be.
  • INTERPERSONAL CHEMISTRY. If you do not get along with your trainer, then it is going to make it that much harder to consistently show up to sessions or follow his advice. Every trainer has his own approach to training. Some are passive-aggressive while others are militant; some are nurturing while others use negative reinforcement. There is no one size fits all approach. A trainer must be versatile enough to deploy the right one for the right person.
  • PERSONAL HEALTH AND FITNESS. This is a fun one because how can you be trained by someone who is in a worse condition than yourself? Is this a case of the blind following the blind? It’s like the old saying: you must practice what you preach. Be wary of trainers who are out of shape and look disheveled. Would you trust your life savings to a homeless guy you just met who is promising you the next million dollar investment? You get the point.

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